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German native and experienced teacher helps you individually with your German

You want to improve your skills of speaking the German language. Then this is your chance! Book a German lesson with me now.

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Has your wish always been to learn German, to improve your German and to learn about German culture, traditions and the German people in general?  Or do you finally want to master difficult grammatical structures of German sentences and grammar?  If so, this is your chance!

Study German with a motivated, openminded and qualified German teacher, who speaks a standard German without any German dialect or accent and lives near Hamburg in the north of Germany.  You will be provided with well structured, effective and interesting German lessons, which will be customised to your requirements and wishes.  I will also try to adjust to your own way of learning and studying.  That means I will use different methods for different students.  Your ideas, topics and questions for the German lessons and conversations will always be welcome and integrated in your German curriculum. 

Your options to learn
German with me

In the german generally course I work with different material which I will share with you and which you can keep for repeating and studying at home. I will give you some homework if it is okay for you and if you have time you are welcome to do it because it will help you. Should you not have time we will do the exercises during the lessons.

In the conversation course (available for B1-C2) you can freely choose what we  talk about. But if you prefer to I can prepare something. We will mainly talk and build up your vocabulary. You will receive a GoogleDoc protocol after every lesson.

If I work with kids I use a lot of different material: workbooks, games, interactive apps (which I prepare), songs, German children's books and so on. I always try to incorporate  fun in the lesssons with children.

Learn German online

German generally

In private lessons we work on all of your skills needed for the German language: speaking, listening, writing, reading and grammar. You will learn new words and you will get more confident using the German language. If you wish and like I can give you homework for repeating the content learned in each lesson. The lessons will be adjusted individual to your needs. 

50 min


Save 2 € with packages = 30€/lesson

Learning German online


In private lessons we concentrate on practicing speaking and understanding spoken German. You are welcome to choose topics. We also can read short texts and newspaper articles together and discuss them. This course is only for students of a medium level (B1-B2) or an advanced level (C1-C2). During the conversation grammatical mistakes will be corrected if you wish. We will also get to know new words.

50 min

32 € 

Save 2 € with packages = 30 €/lesson


Exam Preparation

We will do exercises similar to the exam tasks and we will do model tests. I will also show you to what you should pay attention during oral and written exams.

50 min

33 €

German for Kids online

German for Kids

My lessons for kids are for kids of the ages

7 -17. According to the age of the child I will use different material. I like to use games, comics, books and songs. For me it is important that the child makes progress but still has some fun.

I have workbooks for every age and level

30 min

20 €

German Online lesson

5 Lessons packages

Take a package and save 2 € each lesson. A package is valid for 12 months and

you can use it for the courses German generally and Conversation

5 lessons

150 €

Contact me

Let me know if you have any questions or how can I help you.


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